Australian Premiere
18+ (exemption)[field_classification_exemption]
Denmark • Drama/Mystery • 2016 • 86' • Danish
Christian Tafdrup
Søren Malling, Bodil Jørgensen, Elliott Crossett Hove, Miri Ann Beuschel, Anton Honik, Emilia Imperatore Bjørnvad

Danish actor-turned-filmmaker Christian Tafdrup’s debut feature deliberates on identity and growing old gracefully in a humourously deadpan Nordic way.

Empty-nesters, Kjeld (Søren Malling) and Vibeke (Bodil Jørgensen), decide to relocate to a smaller place after their son, Esben (Anton Honik), moves out. The apartment in which they lived pre-parenthood is up for sale so they make a sentimental purchase hoping to relive the sweeter days of their youth. Events take a decidedly unreal turn when they wake one morning feeling 30 years younger and the past they so fondly remember may no longer exist.

Parents unites veterans of Nordic stage and screen – Malling and Jørgensen – with some of the most talented newcomers – Elliott Crosset Hove and Miri-Ann Beuschel – in a semi-surreal take on idealisation of the past and the existential void that engulfs some parents when kids fly the family coop. This is one for those who like their humour dry.

An often profound film, Parents interweaves reality, surreality, and a tinge of horror to tell a story about rediscovering love and letting go of the past.
We Got This Covered
    2016 Tribeca Film Festival - International Narrative Competition REYKJAVIK